Support for the Development of European Video Games

Video game development

Video game development

Creative Europe is the European Commission's framework programme that supports the culture and audiovisual sectors. To improve the competitiveness of European video games industry and develop audiovisual works it has launched the program Support for the Development of European Video Games. 

The main concept for video games have to be original, innovative, enhanced with European cultural identity, interactive, artistic and ambitious in terms of gameplay. Regardless of platform or the distribution method, narrative storytelling video games must be told or shown in the whole game, and not only in the introduction or an ending of the game. Participants must take into account that their works should have decent commercial prospects, as well as the potential to access to European and international market.

The deadline for submitting applications will be the 2nd of March of 2017.

Who can be beneficiated?

The European video games production companies need to be legally constituted for at last 12 months prior to the submission date. The applicant must prove that it has produced or developed a previous Video Game that is eligible under the terms of this call and that has been commercially distributed after the 01/01/2014 and before the date of submission. There will not be eligible the following types of games: puzzle games, memory games, sport games, racing games, rhythm and singing games, social games, quizzes, fighting games, word games or spelling, number games and mind games

Main eligible costs

  • Cost of personnel (salary and Social Security contributions).
  • Subsistence allowances.
  • Costs of travel - Depreciation cost of equipment corresponding to the duration of the action.
  • Costs of consumables and supplies.
  • A flat-rate amount, equal to 7% of the eligible direct costs of the action, is eligible under indirect costs.

With the exception of the costs related to the acquisition of author rights activities may not start before the date of submission of the application and must end 36 months after this date.

Suport program

The aid cannot involve more than 50% of eligible costs of the action, and the maximum grant amount is set in 150.000 euros.

The video game industry in Catalonia

The deadline for submitting to the program will be closed on the 2nd of March of 2017and the applicants will count with a maximum grant amount of 150.000 euros.

The narrative storytelling video games must be told or shown in the whole game and the work has to be oriented to commercial prospects, as well as the potential to access to European and international market.

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