The Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub identifies over high growth potential 1.000 Catalan startups

The Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub identifies more than 1,000 Catalan startups with high growth potential. The platform is the result of a year-long analysis to select and to get a clear picture of the startup community in Catalonia, one of the most dynamic in Europe. It includes the profile of 1,086 startups, including the contact, date of establishment, the business sector, investments received, the number of employees and the business model, among other data. The hub also publishes the latest investment operations in Catalan startups as well as the operations known as exits (companies that have been purchased or have started trading on the stock exchange).

This hub serves as a new point of connection between all actors of the startup ecosystem (investors, accelerators, mentors, incubators, businesses and other funding platforms). It has been created with the aim of promoting the Catalan startup ecosystem internationally and to be a factor in investment attraction into these companies. The startups are also a clear factor in pushing innovation in Catalonia, given that they are companies that concentrate a greater rate of innovative activity (74.1% of companies under than five years old innovate, according to the 2015 Innovation Barometer).

Be Connected. Join the Hub

The official presentation of the new platform, that brought together hundreds of Catalan startups, featured the participation of Howard Love, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has created and invested in over 50 startups.

Howard Love—an experienced entrepreneur who has created and invested in over 50 startups—was able to identify the roadmap they should follow and he shares it in his book “The Startup J Curve”. Far from being a theoretician, he is an entrepreneur who, in this talk, explains how he did it, the mistakes he made and what worked for him.

What startups does the hub include?

In the hub Catalonia Trade & Investment identifies those already established, emerging companies:

  • no more than 10 years old,
  • with a scalable business model (i.e. with a capacity to generate revenue without the need to increase resources at the same rate),
  • repeatable and applicable to global environments, 
  • aimed at rapid growth 
  • and founded by entrepreneurs (not corporations). 

Identification of the startups has been done through Catalonia Trade & Investment’s internal sources and other external sources, with information from agents such as Angel List, Crunchbase, Startupxlore and Dealroom, among others. The processing of the data included online interviews with a representative sample of startups included in the directory, as well as the creation of a validation committee that determined the inclusion of companies, based on the established criteria.

A snapshot of the startups included in the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub

According to data from the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub, Catalan startups total nearly 10,000 workers in Catalonia, with an average of 12 professionals per company. 48% have 1 to 5 employees, 22% from 6 to 10, 14% from 11 to 20, 14% from 21 to 50, and 2% have over 50. 

The startups included in the platform show a total turnover of some 1,300 million euros. 50% have a turnover under 250,000€, 29% between 250,000 and 1 million euros, 18% between 1 and 5 million euros, and 3% over 5 million euros. Also, 78% of startups are under 6 years old, and the majority work in the sectors of Internet and mobile software, ecommerce, tourism and leisure, big data and eHealth.

Barcelona is the 5th European region in terms of startups in accordance with various international rankings, such as EU-Startups or Startup Heatmap Europe

The Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub will be updated constantly to incorporate and complete the map with new startups as they arise, as well as foreign emerging companies with subsidiaries in Catalonia.

The Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub will allow more effective guidance on policies supporting its growth, currently included in Catalonia Trade & Investment’s Startup Catalonia programme.

According to ASCRI, Catalonia accounts for 71.2% of international venture capital attracted throughout Spain (2015 figures). In addition, 85% of the volume invested in venture capital in Catalonia comes from international funds (277.2 million euros).

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