Industrial FDI 2012

April 2013.- FDI towards Catalonia dropped noticeably in the period covered 2008-2012, largely due to the financial crisis, following the path elsewhere in the EU and Spain.


Nevertheless, it is remarkable the positive trend of both Productive FDI (those investment not associated with holding companies) and Industrial FDI (which following UN’s USIC contains chapters ranging from 10 “Manufacture of food products” to 33 “Repair and installation of machinery and equipment). Productive FDI towards Catalonia has doubled during the 10 yr period 2003-2012, with a CAGR of almost 8%, whereas Industrial FDI almost tripled, with a noteworthy CAGR of near 13%.

As a result, Productive FDI’s share in Total FDI was 85% in 2012, or almost six times that of non-productive FDI, much higher than the rate for the rest of Spain (not adding Catalonia’s) of just the 71%.

Countries and sectors

In fact, Catalonia is traditionally Spain’s main FDI region besides Madrid, which profits from its status as a capital of the State to attract investments of headquarters. Thus, whereas Catalonia’s FDI was just 1/3 of the whole of Spain, its share in Industrial FDI almost doubled, to 30% of the total. In this regard Catalonia gathered in 2012 around 30% of FDI towards Spain in two of the most important concepts in FDI as are manufacturing and professional, scientific and technical activities.

Concerning its origin, 5 countries concentrate ¾ of total FDI: Luxembourg (an offshore for multinational companies), UK, Ireland, the Netherlands (with a similar status as Luxembourg, due to its low corporate tax policy) and Germany. On the first two countries of the ranking, Catalonia represented in 2012 more than half of their total investment in Spain.

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