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Five Catalan made drones ranked amongst the world’s best

March 2016.- The consulting firm Droneii, specialized in the evaluation of professional drones, has placed two models in the one to four-kilogram category from the Catalan company CATUAV among the 10 best in the world, thanks to their specific features. What’s more, in the ranking of flying devices from 4 to 25 kilograms there are also a further three models made by this company from Moià, near Barcelona. CATUAV drones are for professional use and use a fixed wing, giving them the appearance of miniature aircraft. They are also more expensive, but have a greater range, allowing for flights from between one to two hours, making them more apt for scientific and technical purposes.

Out of the many large-scale missions that CATUAV has participated in, mention must be made of the on-site evaluation of the damage caused by the Lorca earthquake in 2011. The company has also participated in crop control projects for the European Union, detecting landmines in Bosnia, sediment transport and industrial discharges in Spanish rivers, and urban luminous efficiency, among others.

Better Care, monitoring the critically unwell via one single device

The Catalan company Better Care has created a software that can concentrate all the signals of the support systems to which a patient in the intensive care unit (ICU) is connected. In this way, the patient can be monitored through one single device, avoiding the need for multiple screens that exist in these units to track patient heart rate or respiration, among other signals. The device also makes it possible to gather and process all the information produced by each machine and thus generate usability guidelines. This helps doctors predict when a patient, for example, could have an elevated risk of suffering a cardiac or respiratory crisis, something which can be very dangerous in these kinds of cases.

This tool, developed at the Parc Taulí in Sabadell by the team led by the doctor Lluís Blanch, specialising in intensive care, is at present also installed in intensive care units in other hospital centres. It has ben translated into 14 languages, and can be sold throughout the European Union and is undergoing approval procedures by the authorities in the United States. The multinational Dräger, specialised in manufacturing equipment for intensive care units around the world, will be the first major group that incorporates this software as standard in its devices.

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