Eurecat, Technology Centre of Catalonia

Catalunya is known for its research excellence in specific areas of knowledge: from oncology, biomedicine and genomics, to photonics and chemistry, as well as mathematics, agro-technology or environmental studies. The CERCA centres are funded in part by the Directorate General for Research.

Catalunya also has a powerful productive and industrial ecosystem. The sum of the industrial sector and the production related services sector has a weight of 68% of the GVA and 57% of total Catalan employment. Over recent years it has become one of Europe’s preferred regions for foreign investment and specifically for foreign R+D investment. According to the Financial Times’ FDI Markets, Catalonia is the first continental European region in terms of job creation due to foreign investment and represents 56% of the R&D FDI projects received in Spain since 2009.

What is EURECAT?

Within this context, the Eurecat Technology Centre of Catalonia is a tool to act as a bridge between research and companies. Eurecat’s goal is to become Catalonia’s technological centre of reference. It is the result of the integration of some of the five most advanced technological centres in Catalonia: Ascamm, in Cerdanyola; Cetemmsa, in Mataró; Barcelona Digital and Barcelona Media, in Barcelona, and CTM, in Manresa. Its board is made up of representatives of all the key players in the Catalan innovation system and serves over 1,000 companies. 

Founded in October, 2014, Eurecat now has a multidisciplinary and multinational team composed of 450 scientists and technologists that work on over 160 applied R+D projects of high strategic value, 73 patents and 7 spin-offs. Its services are centred on applied R+D, technological services, technological consulting, highly specialised training, innovative products and services development, and the promotion and dissemination of technological innovation. The centre showed a turnover of 40 million euros at the close of 2015 and expects to reach 60 million euros in 2016.

Eurecat, responding to the needs of all sectors

Eurecat’s activity is aimed at all business sectors but especially at seven large strategic areas ofRIS3CAT: food & drink industry, energy and resources, industrial systems, design based industries, industries connected to sustainable movement, health industries and experience based cultural industries. The centre specialises in generating and applying knowledge acquired in research centres and universities, in order to generate proprietary technology always aimed at improving products and processes.

Centres of Excellence are:

  • Big Data CoE Barcelona
  • Plastic Processing Pilot Plant
  • Centre for excellence in water management
  • Advanced Manufacturing CoE
  • Unmanned Systems Industrial Robotic Platform (USIRP)
  • Reimagine Textile

Today’s science becoming tomorrow’s technology

As well as increasing the capacity of the technological centres, one of Eurecat’s other commitments is to provide companies with the differential technology and advanced knowledge they need to boost their competitiveness and internationalisation capacity in strategic areas of the economy. It is especially interested in assisting small and medium sized companies, as well as increasing the overall number of innovative companies in Catalonia. 

In this sense, Eurecat represents Catalonia’s long-term technological initiative that responds to the opportunity to increase capacity in industrial research and technological services in Catalonia so that the region can maintain and reinforce a leadership position in terms of industrial innovation.

Eurecat’s role is to act a catalyst and allow companies to innovate and generate wealth, new jobs and compete in innovation with other European countries.

Innovation is a key factor for companies aiming to become more competitive

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