New fast-track visa system for highly skilled workers or international entrepreneurs

The new legislation on visa and residence authorizations accelerates permit procedures for investors, entrepreneurs and highly qualified professionals, improving the business climate and making Catalonia more attractive to foreign investors. 

This new framework facilitates the entry of investment and talent in order to foster economic growth and job creation in the following categories:

  • Investors: investments in the purchase of property (€>500,000); €1M in equities and shares in Spanish companies; €2M in Spanish government bonds; €1M bank deposit. 
  • Entrepreneurs: innovative business plans that could be of special economic interest to Catalonia. 
  • Highly skilled workers: a higher education qualification and a salary greater than €28,000 as the national employment situation is no longer taken into account. 
  • Intra-company transfers: migrant workers relocated to Catalonia, having worked in the company for a minimum of 3 months (if they maintain their employment relationship and are paid their salary in their country of origin). A higher education qualification or 3 years’ work experience is required. 
  • Training and R&D + Innovation: ideal for researchers, scientific and technological staff and teachers of universities and business schools.


The main benefits are: 

  • Applications are streamlined: Visas are processed and approved in 10 working days. Residence permits are processed in 20 working days. 
  • Single residence and work permit. 
  • The national employment situation does not apply (i.e., workers in the domestic market who meet the requirements of a job profile do not have priority over foreigners). 
  • Joint applications for residence permits and/or visas for spouses and children. 
  • Applications for permits may be submitted to any public register. 
  • Freedom of movement within the Schengen member states.

This recently amended legislation makes getting a visa even easier.

  • An entry entrepreneur visa for a maximum residence period of one year is intended not only for the sole or main purpose of initiating the preliminary steps to undertake an entrepreneurial activity but now also have the opportunity to work
  • No need to get an entrepreneur visa prior to entrepreneur authorization (unless you are not legally in Catalonia). 
  • Residence permits may be granted to applicants who meet the required conditions as well as to all dependent family members, now also including children aged 18 years or over who are dependent on the applicant’s financial support.

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