Data for 2015 estimates 8,346 subsidiaries of Catalan companies abroad.

June 2015.- There are 3,152 Catalan companies abroad and 8,346 subsidiaries of Catalan companies abroad. These subsidiaries are established mainly in Portugal, France, Mexico, USA and Brazil. Italy, Germany and the UK are other European countries where Catalan companies have settled their subsidiaries.

This analysis for 2015 updates the analysis performed in 2014 on a sample of 2,092 firms included in the Census of Catalan Companies with Subsidiaries Abroad.

Subsidiaries of Catalan companies abroad, 2015. Breakdown by country.

Portugal 878 Argentina 258
France 668 Chile 254
Mexico 587 Romania 250
USA 576 Poland 243
Brazil 480 China 210
Italy 443 Holland 169
Germany 411 Colombia 163
UK 379 Rest of the world 2,377

Source: ACCIÓ based on ORBIS database and Catalonia Trade & Investment Offices.

These figures have been estimated using ORBIS database and information provided by the Catalonia Trade & Investment Offices. They include Catalan firms with one subsidiary abroad in which there is a minimum investment of 10% of capital of the subsidiary. A Catalan company is considered as such when it has a permanent location in Catalonia with a corporate tax ID number (CIF), irrespective of the final source of its capital.

Catalan companies abroad

  • Are mostly in the service sector (33.2%), the industrial sector (26.1%) and the commercial sector (19.4%). 
  • Have an average turnover of €86,1M and employ slightly over 300 workers (information on a sample of 2,650 companies)

Subsidiaries of Catalan companies abroad have a considerable industrial and productive component:

  • By sectors, construction, real state, chemicals and insurance are the leader activities. Machinery and equipment, pharma biotech, textile and food industries must also be pointed out.
  • By type of international presence, 31,1% are trading companies, 28,2% are services providers and 20% are industrial, although this information is available only for 3, 900 subsidiaries.

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