Catalonia tops the main positions in international rankings for investment attraction in Europe.

June 2015.- Catalonia tops the main positions in international rankings for investment attraction in Europe, according to the European Investment Monitor. 

In 2014, Barcelona was the fifth European city in terms of investment attraction. It also created the most employment associated to those foreign investment projects. This was made clear in the European Investment Monitor (EIM), published yearly by Ernst & Young. In 2014, Barcelona attracted 64 projects, with an associated investment of $616 million and creating 4,747 jobs. 

Furthermore, Catalonia, according to the same source, was the fourth European region in foreign investment attraction and the region in Europe capable of generating the most employment associated to these investment projects: 7,089 jobs associated to 108 investment projects. The data in the study does not include M&As and portfolio investments, and aims to reflect real investments in manufacturing and services.

Investment ($m)
Greater London 381 na 3,466
Ile-de-France 158 173 1,190
Darmstadt 118 337 1,316
Düsseldorf 86 61 1,649
Rhône-Alpes 83 2,938 1,592
Uusimaa 83 138 197
Berlin 80 30 1,595
Stuttgart 73 na 979
Freibourg 67 65 268
Madrid 57 na 905
Istanbul 56 206 1,929

Source: Own elaboration according to EY European Investment Monitor. 2014 data.


Spain was the fourth European country in terms of foreign investment projects attracted in 2014, with a total of 232; and, within the Spanish State, the European Investment Monitor makes special mention of the fact that Catalonia was the autonomous community that attracted the largest number of foreign investment projects, with 47%. This was the largest investment volume associated to the most employment created, far ahead of the second and third contenders (Madrid and the Basque country).


Investment ($m)
Catalonia 108 762 7,089
Madrid 57 na 905
Basque Country 21 258 329
Andalusia 13 na 213
Valencian Community 9 na 100
Rest of Spain 26 na na

Source: own elaboration according to ey european investment monitor. 2014 data.

Barcelona, one of the most attractive European cities for investment.

Barcelona is the eighth European city in terms of attractiveness for company investment, according to the European Attractiveness Survey 2015 elaborated Ernst & Young. This ranking was performed based on 808 responses from investors (52% European, 30% from the USA and 18% from Asia and the rest of the world). 

The study defines attractiveness as a combination of a city’s image, the confidence it inspires in investors and the perception of competitiveness that foreign investors have of each area.

Barcelona ranks 8th among the ten most attractive cities in Europe to invest according to the views of representative panels of international and local opinion leaders an decision-makers,. London, Paris and Berlin remain the three most attractive cities in Europe.

The number of foreign investment projects drawn to Barcelona urban area rised from 94 in 2013 to 108 in 2014, and placed Catalonia in the the 4th position of the European attractive areas ranking after Greater London, Greater Paris and Frankfurt.

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