Business Investments in Catalonia 2014

February 2015.- Throughout 2014, 302 productive investment projects were announced in Catalonia, according to information published by FDI Markets, the European Investment Monitor, Zephyr and MergerMarket, as well as news appeared in the press and gathered by Invest in Catalonia. 

These figures include investments by Catalan, Spanish and foreign enterprises, and also Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint Ventures by foreign companies. This resulted in a €7.3bn investment, as well as the creation of 13,127 new jobs, added to another 1,216 retained jobs.

Most of these projects come from Europe, with around 125 (most from Germany, with 26 investment decisions), while there are 106 more coming from the rest of the world, including the USA, Australia or the Middle East.

As for local investment, there were 54 Catalan projects and 15 Spanish productive investments published, to which two more projects can be added: one Italian-Spanish and one Japanese-Spanish.

When compared to 2013 data, we notice the number of announced investment projects has increased, as there were 209 investment projects published that year. However, there has been a decrease of €0.4bn in the amount invested, and of some 20,000 job postings, probably due to the economic crisis.

Foreign Companies' Productive Investment Projects

As for foreign investment in Catalonia (which only includes investments made by a foreign company), 144 projects were published in 2014, representing an investment of €2.4bn, the creation of 9,337 new jobs, added to another 290 retained jobs. There has been a subtle increase compared to the figures published in 2013, when there were 132 foreign investment projects announced.

Europe is the first foreign investor in Catalonia with 76 projects announced, followed closely by overseas investments, with 68 projects. France and Germany are the main European investors with 20 and 19 projects respectively, although the USA, with 31, is the first foreign investment source for Catalonia. Japan, with 16 projects, is an important contributor too.

Foreign Companies' M&A and JV

The total number of Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint Ventures by foreign companies in Catalonia announced during 2014 was 86, far higher than the previous year, when there were only 16 M&A and JV actions published. This means there has been an investment of €3.8bn, the creation of 187 new jobs, added to another 706 retained jobs.

Again, the majority of M&A and JV are from a European origin (49), led by France (18), the UK (8), Germany (7) and Switzerland (5). The USA, with 20 projects leads overseas actions (37).

These data are based on Invest in Catalonia’s database of investments, which takes into account data about M&A and Joint Ventures by foreign companies in Catalonia released by MergerMarket and Zephyr. These are completed with information published in the press.

Sources of information

The figures outlined in this article are based on the information published by FDI Markets, the European Investment Monitor, Zephyr and MergerMarket, as well as those that have appeared in the press.

Neither do we take into consideration the data included in the Registry of Foreign Investment of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, nor those figures published by the Bank of Spain or the UNCTAD. 

We don’t take into account data concerning financial investments, real estate investments, retail investments, public administration investments or public infrastructure investments either.

Foreign Investment

Invest in Catalonia analyses quarterly and yearly data of the investments flow in Catalonia. We elaborate our reports on the basis that a foreign investment is achieved when the participation of a foreign firm in a Catalan company’s share capital is equal to or higher than 10% of this share capital. In spite of this, we also analyse local expansions made by Catalan and Spanish companies, with the exception of Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint Ventures, which are only included when they have a foreign origin.

Different kinds of investments:

Merger and Acquisitions, M&A: A business strategy consisting in the buying, selling, dividing and combining of different companies without creating a subsidiary.
Joint Venture, JV: A business partnership between two or more companies to develop a new entity, a subsidiary, by contributing equity.

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