E.G.O Appliance Controls: exporting from Catalonia to the world

E.G.O is an international company specialized in the development, production and supply of high-tech products for washing machines, stoves, driers and other home and commercial appliances. Over the last year, the German company has been working on a new business area: induction systems for commercial kitchens. To this end, E.G.O has now decided to focus on the expansion of its R&D department, one of its main values and an important area of activity for the high-tech sector. This is why they have decided to enlarge their state of the art catalan plant, as part of a larger project to increase its R&D activity.

E.G.O is a global model in the field of domestic appliance technology with over 100 property rights registered annually worldwide and about 800 legal patents granted. These numbers make E.G.O an industry leader and a benchmark in expertise and innovation. The German company is pioneer in the field of generation, use and control of thermal energy and the associated user interfaces, and has recently expanded its business to the medical, the chemical and the automotive industries.

E.G.O dedicates a significant effort to researching trends so they can understand how to make life easier for their customers, which is demonstrated by its efforts in R&D. E.G.O’s highly qualified team is currently working on the development of e-gas technology applied to ovens, which guarantees precision in terms of adjustability and temperature control. Another project is the smart home automation, which provides efficient energy management through intelligent coordination. This means, for instance, switching on the washing machine just when the price of electricity is at its lowest. Those innovations demonstrate that E.G.O constantly works with energy and time efficiency in mind.


Invest in R&D

E.G.O’s Catalan factory is one more example of innovation and commitment. This is why E.G.O appliance controls has decided to enlarge their state of the art Catalan plant, located in Lliçà de Vall, with a 8.8M€ investment, as part of a larger project to increase its research and development (R&D) activity, with the aid of Catalonia Trade & Investment. This development process taking place during 2014-2016 in Lliçà de Vall. 

The biggest share of this 8.8M€ investment is devoted to the development and improvement of E.G.O’s appliance control R&D activity. E.G.O’s plant in Catalonia designs and produces systems and electronic controls, including control components and motor controls for household and industrial appliances. Inverter technology is one of its most representative areas of expertise. The remaining 2m€ are dedicated to the construction of a new building, enlarging the factory from 4,000sq m. to 6,500sq m.

This investment will increase the plant’s profits, which have come to 50M€, over the 23M€ the company earned in 2014. With 320 workers in its Catalan plant, E.G.O has more than 6,000 workers around the world and earnings of some 570M€. Its other R&D centres are in Germany, China and Mexico.

why E.G.O chose catalonia

E.G.O decided to invest in Catalonia because it has an important connection to the Mediterranean, Southern Europe and Northern Africa, thanks to its functional port infrastructures. The Lliçà de Vall plant is the global reference of E.G.O’s wet&cold division, and it is responsible for the exportation of more than 80% of its income to countries such as Turkey, Slovenia, Italy, the USA or Germany.

Since the company is already based in Catalonia, E.G.O knows the Catalan business environment and the key factors to take into account when it comes to establishing a business.

Support from Catalonia Trade & Investment

Catalonia Trade & Investment has helped the company in the course of this project, another reason for E.G.O to choose Catalonia.

Catalonia Trade & Investment has provided personalized advice and consultation to E.G.O. and has mediated between the company and Lliçà de Vall’s council on urban matters. It has also offered advice and information on incentives and financing options and it has offered support to E.G.O appliance controls before its parent company in Germany.

In fact, Catalonia Trade & Investment has also committed to continue advising and assisting E.G.O appliance controls so that the company can save time on its future investment projects. It has agreed to facilitate any administrative procedures and formalities during a three-year period.

E.G.O Appliance Controls was founded in 1931, so it has 80 years of experience in domestic appliance technology. The Lliçà de Vall plant is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, as it was opened in 1965 under the name Remco. Only a few years later, the Catalan plant was finally integrated to its German parent company E.G.O and since then, it has become a global reference in its area.

E.G.O has now decided to focus on the expansion of its Product Management and R+D departments, after a significant increase in its turnover, as well as a boost in their production volume. The German company will devote 6.8M€ from their investment in Catalonia to increase and improve the company’s R+D actions.

E.G.O Appliance Controls’ CEO, Jesús de las Fuentes

We have achieved an important goal: we now export 80% of our production to countries like Turkey.

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