The MWC 2013 is here!

The New Mobile Horizon

February 2013.- The latest edition of the Global World Congress incorporates a number of new aspects making it even more attractive than previous editions. Not only is it the most important meeting of today’s most dynamic sector, it is also a reflection of the rapid changes in all professional, social and personal walks of life afforded by mobile technology, its applications and uses. In fact, this year’s 2013 edition is called "The New Mobile Horizon" showcasing the trend toward mobile payments, augmented reality, connected cities, and embedded devices.

A clear sign of this evolution can be appreciated in the sheer size of the MWC 2013. 1500 exhibitors will be housed in the modern facilities of Fira Gran Via, with greater floor-space and where forecasts are for up to 70,000 professionals from over 200 countries to attend. The 8 pavilions offer up to 94,000 m2 of occupied space and the 270 Wi-Fi spots will ensure maximum connectivity for all. Undoubtedly, the new location will be one of the Congress’s main new attractions.

One of the other strong points this year – over and above the other now traditional attractions such as the App Planet (a zone where app developers can meet operators and other developers), the awards, or the conferences (with the attendance of sector business and technological opinion leaders), will be the presence of NFC technology. This technology increases the potential of mobile devices and allows users to perform financial transactions and payments in a few touches. The GSMA will install a series of NFC touch-points and the city of Barcelona will do the same in strategic points such as airports, selected tourist spots, shops, taxis, etc. This will be merely an example of what the city can offer as the ideal place in which to develop projects in this buoyant sector.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Apart from the Congress itself and the effect it is having on the sector and the city, the expectations of this year and in coming years are also focused on the fact that that Mobile World Capital Barcelona is now underway.

Undoubtedly the Congress will be the event of the year, but over the rest of the year, Barcelona and Catalonia will become a laboratory for open collaborative experience concentrated on five main areas:

  • mWallet: To use your “smartphone” as a virtual wallet with related “smart services”.
  • mSmart city: To integrate urban services via mobile technologies.
  • mHealth: To use mobile telecommunications in health care services.
  • mContent: To improve customers’ experience with enriched multimedia mobile services.
  • mTravel: To enhance travelling experiences and safety.
  • m4All: To facilitate technologies for everybody, despite poverty or disabilities

The example of mHealth

As an example of the kind of projects being developed in the area of Mhealth, the Department of Health of the Generalitat, via the Fundació TicSalut, collaborates with the GSMA in three projects where Mobile Technology play a significant role:

  • Personal safe digital identification allowing people to access their health records via Mobile devices.
  • Tracking and monitoring of patients with cardiac insufficiency.
  • Tracking of vaccination processes, both in infants and in people at special risk.

The aim of Mobile World Capital, with its headquarters in Barcelona for the next seven years, is to drive and develop innovative mobile initiatives with the capacity to transform the traditional way of doing things, both in industry and in people’s day-to-day lives.

Mobile is changing people’s lives

Imagine a city where people move, learn, pay and work in a fully mobile-enabled environment. As a city, Barcelona will become a living lab where mobile industry will develop innovative technologies and people will experience culture and entertainment in new mobile-enhanced ways. For the moment, this February you can explore the New Mobile Horizon at Mobile World Congress 2013.

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