Tomorrow’s new technologies are being imagined, created and developed in Barcelona and Catalonia, making it one of the world’s leading tech regions. Easy access to skilled talent, a strong innovation culture, a growing number of dynamic startups and a fast-evolving digital ecosystem are inspiring global corporations to invest in Catalonia.

International companies are choosing Barcelona for their tech investments

Barcelona is seeing a growing number of tech giants setting foot in the city, such as HP, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Critéo, Google, Airbnb or Amazon, and is increasingly dominating the European tech investment landscape. Access to top digital talent, international investors and renowned professional fairs result in a successful business environment.

In this video, we've talked to the founders of French companies TheFork, Veepee, Kantox, SQLI, PapernestManoMano and PayFit to learn why they set up their digital hubs in Barcelona to scale their businesses.


"People are loyal because the quality of life is good"


"The digital ecosystem in Barcelona has evolved extremely quickly"


"Barcelona was for us the European Silicon Valley"


"Barcelona has the potential to attract all types of jobs"


"There is a great ecosystem of tech profiles in Barcelona"


"Barcelona is one of the flagships in the digital sector in Europe"


“One of the strongest tech hubs in Europe”

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Thomas Gendulphe, Director SQLI Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the strongest cities in Europe in the digital field

Stéphane Priolet, CTO ManoMano

It is a dynamic market, with good-level profiles on the mobile or web development. We manage to recruit quickly


Alejandro Lorenzo, Co-founder TheFork (LaFourchette) & Head of Spain Habiteo

The fundamental point is talent: there are few cities in Europe that, like Barcelona, have the opportunity to attract both national and international talent

Yoann Artus, Country Manager Spain at Payfit

Having access to tech profiles was essential for us to locate in Barcelona

Philippe Gelis, CEO and Co-Founder at Kantox

In Barcelona, half of founders are foreigners and teams are hyper multicultural. This diversity is extremely rare in most of the big European hubs

Benoît Fabre, CTO & Founder Papernest

In Barcelona there is a diversity of profiles, and we found French, Italian and English-speaking people which could nourish the jobs we had

Albert Serrano, Managing Director Veepee Spain

A players attract A players and this is what is happening in Barcelona