Catalan startups at the Europe's leading tech festival

Ten selected startup companies from Catalonia will be showcased at The Next Web Conference 2017 from May 17th through 20th. These companies span across several verticals, including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, IoT, Music, eCommerce and AdTech. Each will be represented by their founders at the Catalonia Pavilion at TNW. On Thursday May 18th, we will be hosting our private event. This will provide a more direct and intimate setting with the ten founders. Additionally, it will be an excellent opportunity to engage the leaders and representatives of Catalonia’s innovation and startup ecosystem amid food and drinks after the inspirational pitch.


B-wom is changing self-care for women. B-wom offers women personalized, data based care plans with exercises and advise, creating healthy habits to address i.e. sexual health, incontinence, constipation...


IOMED software provides a new EHR tool for doctors. The aim is to integrate it with software systems available, providing an easy and useful layer for doctors entering medical data, while allowing useful visualizations summarizing it and carry out searches and easy analysis on these data. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux.


Made of Genes

Made of Genes is a genomic database that provides the necessary framework for achieving personalized medicine. We do a sequencing of your DNA which we keep for life and give you the tools so you can share it with your trusted health professionals. We allow the genome sequencing of our customers and re-use this information in an AppStore-like marketplace, where professional analysts all around the world can publish their services.



MEDIKTOR is the most advanced and accurate AI based medical device for triage, per-diagnose and decision making support. With human–like levels of accuracy proved by clinical trials MEDIKTOR help users and clinicians make better, safer, more cost-effective decisions when dealing with symptoms.


Mind the byte

MIND THE BYTE is a Catalan bioinformatics company based in both Barcelona and Copenhagen that specializes in computational drug discovery using our SaaS-cloud platform. The company uses machine learning and Big Data methods to develop algorithms to accelerate the time-to-market of new drugs and to encourage our personalized medicine projects. Its purpose is to help its customers (biotech and Pharma companies) to develop safer drugs faster, thus allowing physicians to develop personalized treatments in near future.



Neuroelectrics has developed an innovative technology for monitoring and neural stimulation. The technology is medically certified to treat depression, chronic pain and stroke rehabilitation.


Play Benefit

PlayBenefit is a Barcelona startup that serves digital solutions for healthcare taking gamification and engagement design as its main asset. It´s just released Benergy App, its first own mobile aplication on health and wellness.



Sense4Care provides ICT-based solutions for people with frailty problems or suffering from chronic diseases. The company is selling since 2015 a personal and very accurate fall detector. Currently, the company is carrying out the design and medical device certification process for a sensor aimed at assessing the cardinal motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. This initiative has been awarded an SME Instruments Phase II project.


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Emili Aldabó

Natascha van Bijsterveld

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and home to the Mobile World Congress, has a strong and active multidisciplinary entrepreneurial ecosystem. Wired UK named Barcelona as one of the top five innovation hubs in the world and these ten companies will provide a first-hand look at such disruptive innovation during The Next Web Conference.