Intelligent Transportation Systems Canada 2017

Intelligent transportation is driving us into the future. From autonomous vehicles to artificial intelligence and smart city infrastructure, the potential and impact of this industry is massive. ITS World Congress 2017 brings together global leaders in intelligent and transformative transportation to address the challenges facing our mobile, connected societies today and in the future. Eleven companies and tech centres from Catalonia will be showcased at ITS World Congress Montreal 2017.


Awaait is a company founded in Barcelona in 2014 that develops innovative solutions based on AI and mobile applications. Awaait is currently scaling up and commercializing Detector, a fraud detection smart tool for public transport aimed to reduce fare dodging in public transport.

Campus Motor Anoia

Campus Motor Anoia is a facility located in the center of Catalonia specially created to foster R&D businesses, clusters, associations and competing teams of the motoring world. The innovative facilities of Campus Motor Anoia in collaboration with Parc Motor, are perfect for fostering R&D and innovation activities related to the automotive world, creating a unique spot in the Catalan territory to propel automotive business.


Counterest develops and sells technology for counting, monitoring and predicting people flow in crowded places. Counterest wants to improve the way public transport managers analyze passenger demand. Counterest has developed an IoT based solution that provides continuous, dynamic, accurate, real time and predictive data about traveller’s movements.

Computer Vision Center

CVC is a non-profit institution founded in 1995 as a Consortium formed by the Government of Catalonia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Computer Vision is a field of knowledge that seeks to process and extract information from images using computers. The Center seeks to contribute to increase the knowledge in this field and at the same time, contribute to innovation and industrial competitiveness by working with companies developing technological projects through its various lines of research.


With over 25 years of history, Applus+ IDIADA is a leading engineering company providing design, testing and engineering services to the automotive industry. The company has more than 2,200 professionals and a network of subsidiaries in 25 countries. Applus IDIADA provides development services to the automotive industry in the fields of ADAS, Connected and automated vehicles worldwide.


inLab FIB UPC is an innovation and research lab of the Barcelona School of Informatics at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, specialized in the latest ICT technologies, simulation and data science.


Sensefields is a technological company based in Barcelona, provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions for traffic management based on wireless magnetometer sensors placed on roads, highways and urban areas. Sensefields is a provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) based on wireless magnetometer sensors based on wireless magnetometer sensors placed on roads, highways and urban areas.


Shotl is a shared transportation service that matches multiple passengers headed in the same direction with an available vehicle. Shotl is a spin-off of Camina Lab, a venture builder of sustainable transport solutions based Shotl is the urban transportation service that adapts in real-time to people’s mobility.

TSS-Transport Simulation Systems

TSS-Transport Simulation Systems has a singular focus on algorithms, software and operational know-how for mobility applications in strategic transport planning, traffic engineering and mobility management. With offices in Barcelona, London, New York City, Portland, Paris and Sydney, TSS services 4,400 licensed users in 75 countries. Clients include government agencies (Transport for London, NYCDOT, the Mairie de Paris, Transport for New South Wales); leading consultancies (AECOM, Arup, GTA, Parsons); and academic users and research partners (University of California, Berkeley; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA).


Urbiotica develops and markets the latest generation of wireless monitoring systems that capture and distribute real-time information about parking and noise pollution. We offer turnkey solutions that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable management of cities and industries. With customers in more than 20 countries across 5 continents Urbiotica is Smart City pioneer.


Worldsensing is a widely recognized global IoT pioneer based in Barcelona. Our wireless sensor technology and software solutions are already in use in more than 50 countries across 5 continents. Our flagship technology for Smart Cities, Mobility, is a real-time decision-making support solution for city control centers. Fastprk, our leading on-street Parking Management System, and Bitcarrier, our Traffic Flow Management System, can be integarted into Mobility.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

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