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Ten select startup companies from Catalonia will be showcased at TechCrunch's Disrupt SF 2017. These companies span across several verticals, including Health, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Music Technology, IoT and EdTech. Each one will be represented by their founders at the Catalonia Pavilion at Disrupt SF from September 18th through 20th

On Tuesday September 19th, we will be hosting our networking private event/ competition Demoday. This will provide a more direct and intimate setting with the ten founders. Additionally, it will be an excellent opportunity to engage the leaders and representatives of Catalonia’s innovation and startup ecosystem amid food and drinks.


Adan medical is a Health startup with the mission to improve the quality of life of patients that suffer from severe allergic reactions that require epinephrine. We have created the first integrated solution for epinephrine and anaphylaxis management with our smart case and connected mobile app.

DefyU Tech

DefyU is a disruptive social-gaming app that enables sports fans to connect and compete against millions of people globally. Being a `Defier´ takes you on a fully immersive journey through continuous skill challenges and the opportunity to ascend to the different stages of DefyU’s world. Defiers create a virtual team by selecting their favorite professional athletes. Depending on the real statistical performance of the professional athletes, Defiers have a chance at winning awesome prizes and experiences.


Epinium predicts the future of retail by understanding what drives consumers today. Epinium analytics isolate meaningful signals from big data and transforms them into specific actions that drive commercial decision-making. This creates a higher probability of success, quickly, with minimal risk. Our technology based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing is offered in SaaS platform.

Oval Sound

We are a creative startup that is passionate about music and technology, and finding ways to combine the two. The Oval is our first product; a new electronic instrument designed from the ground-up to revolutionize music creation, learning and live performance. The uniqueness of the Oval is the combination of cutting edge sensor technology, state of the art surface material and a sophisticated easy to use mobile app.


Playmoss is the home of music playlists: A platform and community of music lovers where you can create, discover and listen to dozens of thousands of playlists with music from your favorite sources: YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Bandcamp.


PocketPiano is a real key-sized touch piano mat with the capacity to differentiate touch sensitivity and pressure. The mat is based on a patented modular system that can be folded up and fit into your pocket. The piano connects to smartphones and tablets via cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth.


Roomonitor is an innovative Internet of Things Startup which offers B2B solutions for the Tourism Industry. Roomonitor monitors vacation lodgings through intelligent IoT devices and smart algorithms, all of which are connected on the cloud. We sell Property Manager Services based on these IoT devices to help owners manage operations, reduce costs, ensure a better stay for guests and cross sell to these guests. Through IoT innovation, Roomonitor is changing the relationship between Managers, Properties and Guests.

Submer Tech

Submer has created an easy to operate, highly efficient, and eco-friendly computing immersion cooling system for data centers. We have proven to save customers over 90% on cooling costs; our easy to deploy turnkey solution diminishes electricity bills by 45% and reduces the required IT space by 75%.


Telanto is a tech startup that develops and commercializes a cloud solution that matches company challenges to students anywhere in the world. We enable and facilitate digital interactions between academia and businesses with our robust international Academic Business Network. Our Challenge-based education focus offers student a richer learning experience that equips them with skills that are in demand by the industry, while inversely providing corporations with a more practical challenge-based recruiting practice.

Unlimited Engineering

Unlimited develops a smart and modular powertrain platform for light vehicles. Our first product, EON, is a modular electric powertrain for skateboards; it can convert any skateboard into a powerful electric commuting machine.

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