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Fifteen select startup companies from Catalonia will be showcased at TechCrunch's Disrupt SF 2016. These companies span across several verticals, including, Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Virtual Reality, AgTech and EdTech. Each will be represented by their founders at the Catalonia Pavilion at Disrupt SF from September 12th through 14th. On Thursday September 15th, we will be hosting our DemoDisrupt private event. This will provide a more direct and intimate setting with the fifteen founders. Additionally, it will be an excellent opportunity to engage the leaders and representatives of Catalonia’s innovation and startup ecosystem amid food and drinks after the fifteen companies'elevator pitches.

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and home of the Mobile World Congress, has a strong and active multidisciplinary entrepreneurial ecosystem – and amongst the core of it are these verticals as mentiond above. Wired UK named Barcelona as 1 of the top 5 innovation hubs in the world and these fifteen companies along with DemoDisrupt will provide a first-hand look at such disruptive innovation


Agroptima powers farmers with software and data that lets them easily manage their farms from their smartphone and increase their profitability. With more than 20,000 users, Agroptima’s goal is to automate data collection by integrating its software with sensors and other sources of vital data to farmers.

Broomx Technologies

Currently, the only way to enjoy virtual reality and full 360 media content is by using individual VR glasses; our product, MadKameleon Player360 changes that. It is the first compact & portable player to create immersive and interactive environments with 360° multimedia content in any room -all without the use of VR glasses-. Hotels, cruise liners, museums, and amusement parks are some of the core verticals for our solution.


Women will experience changes in their bodies throughout different stages of their lives, which may cause health problems. Urinary incontinence costs $66B to the healthcare system in the US, and this is only one of the problems we approach. Health systems lack proper resources for prevention. Bwom is a tool that offers a test to collect health data and personalizes exercises for women’s intimate health using artificial intelligence, all in mobile.


The Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS) is a ground breaking platform for cognitive and motor neuro-rehabilitation in a range of neuropathologies such as stroke. RGS integrates VR, AI, big data analytics and cloud computing, is science-grounded, clinically validated and certified as a CE class I medical device. RGS individualizes each intervention to the needs of its users, deploying several diagnostic and training protocols. Furthermore, RGS allows to train without direct supervision, increasing the impact of rehabilitation while lowering costs and enabling training at home without compromising the quality of therapy.


We are a startup focusing on computer vision and human-technology interaction. We have created Gestoos, a software that can recognize people’s gestures and behavior in real-time, in any context. With Gestoos, any surface, screen, or object can become interactive. Enabling companies to create engaging, multi-user experiences for the home, work, or public spaces. Gestoos Artificial Intelligence applies machine learning to recognise users’ gestures, movement and their level of engagement, providing valuable data.


HealthApp is a startup focusing on the development of gamified tools for treating chronic diseases. We have created TCApp, the only existing virtual health platform on the market for improving eating disorder treatments based on mobile applications, cloud computing, gamification and artificial intelligence. The platform is focused on the patient and connects them with their clinicians. TCApp keeps users engaged – especially younger patients – via the gamification aspect of the platform; this results in increased connection with the clinician and overall therapy efficiency.


Kompyte is a unique Competitive Intelligence platform to track an analyze competitors in real-time. Companies use it to keep track of their competitors' online activity, find out what is working for them and leverage these insights to improve their own product & marketing strategy. Fortune 1000 companies and SMEs in the tech industry in US, Europe, and Israel make up our loyal customer base. Our customer acquisition is growing an average of 30% monthly.


LEDmotive is the first technology platform that can exactly reproduce any light in the visible range in real time. With your smartphone, you can capture light from any real-life scene and “replay” the exact spectrum through your own led lights. You can also design, program, or recreate any visible spectrum of light you desire -- instantly and in real time. LEDmotive can be extremely valuable for retail, photography & film, horticulture, and even affecting moods, sleep, and circadian rhythms.

Mint Labs

In Mint Labs we develop technologies to better understand the human brain and the neurological disorders. We provide a cloud-based platform to accelerate the workflow for neuroimaging research and collaboration. It assists specialists to bring data and algorithms together, and our products help understand millions of imaging records, automatically identify anomalies, reduce time and costs in R&D and accelerate development of new therapies for neurological diseases. Our platform has been online for 1 year, and increasingly used it across Europe and US. It currently stores more than 200000 brain scans. offers customizable Cognitive Computer Vision Business Solutions. Based on a proprietary Convolutional Neural Networks technology, we allow our clients to create fast, efficient and tailored ‘out-of-the-box' Image Interpreting Models; with an average accuracy > 96%. Beyond the API image description classifier models we are introducing a novel API multi-feature and multi-object extraction ConvNet, ready for production and cloud deployed. We are already serving Fortune 1000 companies in the US and Europe.


Sekg is a cloud based platform for emotional analytics of entertainment consumers. We provide emotional insights from users, gamers and content-consumers by using and understanding their biometrics and behaviors. Our platform translates the data collected from the latest wearable devices into actionable statistics that are processed in real time. Generated big data is transferred into a personal customized dashboard which will help the client benchmark engagement, compare results with industry’s leading games and contents and better predict success.


Mediktor disrupts the way people access healthcare by helping people make sound decisions on what to do next when first symptoms appear. Our product leverages some of the world’s most advanced AI engines blended with a multi-channel communication platform to create a solution that is 80% more accurate than the next leading product. Mediktor has been used in over 1.2 million consultations in Spanish and English; and, on average, has proved to save over $50 per use.


The main problem when it comes to teaching/learning robotics and robotic coding is that the students and teachers have very limited access to actual robots – if any at all. With our platform, students can access any simulated robot. No installation or maintenance is required, as our solution is handled entirely through a web browser via any device. It also integrates collaboration tools for students and teachers – integrated learning curriculums are also provided. The Construct is a great and accessible learning tool for STEM school and relevant university programs.


Tech4Freedom empowers the blind or visually impaired persons with technology. Today, blind individuals face unique challenges in everyday life. Our device, the Box, and its user-friendly mobile platform give the visually impaired persons the tools they need to reach their full potential—in both their personal and professional lives—by analyzing information from one's surroundings and audibly communicating that information to the user through their smart phone.


Zolertia is transforming the IoT into the Internet of Smart Things. Our unique low-power ultra-range plug’n’play hardware easily integrates to any new or existing product without re-design or re-industrialization. Our pre-installed embedded OS instantly converts anything into an intelligent, autonomous and internet-interacting device - a true-smart product. The OS includes a platform marketplace where our customers can easily integrate, develop, and launch their own control apps. We have large and medium size industrial customers in Europe and the US.

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