Services for startups

Services for startups


Connecting and strengthening startups

We are the growth partner for Catalan startups. We specialize in accelerating startups, connecting catalan startups with other leading ecosystems around the globle such as Silicon Valley, Boston, London, Singapore and Hong Kong and fostering the startup ecosystem of Barcelona, by promoting the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub.

We have three main objectives: connect startups to the ecosystem, professionalise their teams and strengthen their business models. Specifically, we perform different assessment programmes available to startups depending on their lifecycle moment and needs, basically aimed at:

  • Validating the market and business model for early stage companies. 
  • Pushing the international aspect of companies.
  • Positioning of Catalan startups.
  • Publicity and promotion of trade fairs and events organised in Catalonia focussed on startups.

Promoting the international aspects of startups

We help build the international aspect of companies, via different actions and programmes: 

  • Assessment given by Catalonia Trade & Investment Offices abroad. 
  • Specific support programmes in the design and execution of an internationalisation strategy. 
  • Participation in international trade missions and trade fairs.

Participation in international trade missions and trade fairs

We support Catalan startups and help them participate in different missions and trade fairs. 

  • May 2017, Amsterdan:
    Ten selected startup companies from Catalonia will be showcased at The Next Web Conference 2017, the Europe's leading tech festival, from May 17th through 20th.
  • May 2017, Barcelona:
    The Health 2.0 fair is the leading showcase of cutting-edge technologies that transform health systems worldwide. Eight startups will be at the fair alongside with Catalonia Trade & Investment. 
  • September 2016, San Francisco:
    Fifteen selected startup companies from Catalonia were showcased at TechCrunch's Disrupt SF, the world’s leading authority in debuting revolutionary startups, introducing game-changing technologies and discussing what’s top of mind for the tech industry’s key innovators.

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