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ACCIÓ’s European Projects Office (EPO) channels and manages acces to the existing EU funding sources, responding to the needs of each project, at each phase (analysis of financing opportunities, preparation of proposals, execution, justification and closing). In 2016 ACCIÓ was the second regional public agency in terms of attracting funds from European Commission to carry out competitiveness programs for the bussines fabric, making it a key partner for European consortiums.

Currently, we participate in 18 European projects within the following programmes:

  • 7PM
    Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development in the European Union (EU) for the period 2007-2013 with a budget of €50.6 billion. (2 projects) 
  • H2020
    EU Research and Innovation programme for the period 2014-2020 with a budget of €80 billion (6 projects) 
    Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for the period 2014-2020 with a budget of €2.3 billion. (3 projects). COSME provides suport to SMEs by facilitating acces to finance, supporting internationalisation of SMEs and improving SMEs’ access to markets, creating more favorable conditions for business creation and growth, and promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture. 
  • EuropeAid
    EuropeAid is the organisation within the European Commission responsible for implementing all external assistance outside the EU which are financed by the European Commission and the European Regional Development Fund (1 project) 
  • Interreg V
    Programme for European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) for the period 2014-2020 with a budget of €9 billion distributed as follows: cross-border cooperation: 74,05 % (€6.6 billion), transnacional cooperation: 20,36 % (€1.8 billion) -ACCIÓ participates in 3 projects, 2 Interreg Sudoe and 1 Interreg Mediterranean-, and interregional cooperation: 5,59 % (€0.5 billion) -ACCIÓ participates in 3 projects Interreg Europe-.

Check out our portfolio of EU projects for full details.


ACCIÓ programme to foster mobility of researchers with a focus in applied research and technology transfer

TECNIOspring is an international mobility fellowship programme that gives experienced researchers the possibility to develop their research career in a TECNIO centre around the world. It is addressed to highly talented and motivated experienced researchers, to give them the opportunity to develop their research career in their area of interest, with focus on technology transfer.

ACCIÓ role: Sole partner

Biophotonics Plus

Photonic appliances for life sciences and health

BIOPHOTONICS+ aims to consolidate the respective funding activities in the participating countries and science, primarily focusing on Biophotonics methods and applications that are translatable into products on the short term and to develop, refine and combine existing biophotonic technology to the stage of pre-commercial demonstrators for converting them into commercial products.

ACCIÓ role: Partner


ACCIÓ programme to foster mobility of researchers with a focus in applied research and technology transfer


TECNIOspring Plus is an international mobility fellowship programme for experienced researchers willing to develop their research career in an R&D entity around the world. The programme offers two type of fellowships:

  • Incoming: two years contract for researchers from any nationality in a Catalan company or TECNIO centre
  • Outgoing+ return : two years contract for researchers from any nationality in a Catalan company or TECNIO centre, the first year abroad in a research centre or R&D department of a private company and the second year return to the Catalan company or TECNIO centre.

ACCIÓ role: Sole partner

Manunet III

ERA-NET Cofund on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies


MANUNET network works with the objective to promote and fund transnational research and development projects in the field of manufacturing, through yearly calls for proposals. The main objective of MANUNET III is to boost SMEs competitiveness in manufacturing at a European and global level by coordinating the research, development and innovation efforts of 28 national/regional funding programmes in the field of Advanced Manufacturing

ACCIÓ role: Partner


ERA-NET Cofund Electric Mobility Europe


EMEurope builds on the experience and the progress made in the FP7 ERA-NET Plus initiative Electromobility+ (2010-2015). EMEurope takes the transnational cooperation in this field to a higher level by supporting the integration of new technologies into the existing transport system –focusing on urban and suburban areas – and by facilitating a stronger alignment of strategy and policy among the relevant stakeholders at the national, regional and local levels. The close cooperation foreseen with EGVIA will guarantee complementarity to work done in the field since FP7.

ACCIÓ role: Partner

INNCAT 17-18

Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Catalan SMEs


This project offers assessment, mentoring and coaching services to SMEs with the objective of increasing and accelerating the economic returns from innovation. As coordinator of the Catalan node of the EEN, ACCIÓ offers a wide range of innovation services to SMEs. These services are focused on enhancing innovation management capacities of SMEs. ACCIÓ will provide this new specialised service to two specific groups of enterprises: Beneficiaries of the SME instrument; SMEs with significant innovation activities and a high potential for internationalisation.

ACCIÓ role: Sole partner


Peer learning Innovation Services


The overall objective of PLIS is to enable innovation suport institutions in regions across Europe to quickly and effectively develop new initiatives as well as refine corrent methodologies that will engage, encourage and aid SMEs to use Service Innovation as a mean for maintaining or increasing competitiveness, growth and jobs.

ACCIÓ role: Coordinator


Network of Centers for European Research and Innovation in the US


Implement a network of European centers of research and innovation in the US and ensure the viability of its first phase of operations

ACCIÓ role: Associate partner

CATCIM 17-18

Catalan Services for more Competitiveness and Innovation in the global Market


CATCIM is the Catalan node of the EEN provides value-added information services and highly specialised quality support to effectively increase the competitiveness of Network clients and positively impact the regional economy. The objective of the EEN is to help European SME to develop its innovative potential and improve its knowledge of European Union policies. CATCIM focuses on: innovation, technology transfer and internationalisation.

ACCIÓ role: Coordinator


Public Procurement and Cross Border Tendering


The project, named PPACT (Public Procurement and Cross-Border Tendering), intends to strongly contribute towards this overall COSME objective, by reinforcing key SME capabilities for cross-border tendering and promoting collaborative approaches between Business Support Organisations, who will work together on an opportunity-based approach, to help SMEs to take advantage of cross-border procurement opportunities. The project focuses on the Smart City sector

ACCIÓ role: Coordinator


Support young innovative companies scaling-up their activities in the Single Market Consultation


ScaleCat objective is to identify 5 young Catalan SMEs with potential and help them to scale up their activities in the Single Market. During 18 months, ACCIÓ will help SMEs drafting an action plan and an international expansion plan, to help SMEs to commercialise products/services beyond domestic borders.

ACCIÓ role: Sole partner


Public MedVentures – Boosting innovators in the Mediterranean


The ultimate goal of MedVentures is to accelerate job creation and stimulate competitiveness in MED (South Mediterranean Partner Countries) countries by developing capacities and international linkages of leading innovation actors. The final beneficiaries of MedVentures are Young graduates, job seekers and entrepreneurs, Private sector organisations, innovation support organisations and Society at. To achieve its goal with these actors, the project plans to involve all the stakeholders in the innovation chain.

ACCIÓ role: Affiliated partner


Estrategia conjunta para impulsar la internacionalización de las pymes del sector textil-confección del espacio SUDOE

INTER-TEX pursues the SME’s internationalization in textile industry activating interregional trade exchange and creating transnational value chains. The project main objectives are: 

  • To build a transnational cooperation network to suport SME’s internationalization. 
  • To promote vertical and horizontal cooperation among SME

ACCIÓ role: Partner

Links up

Estrategia conjunta para impulsar la internacionalización de las pymes del sector textil-confección del espacio SUDOE

LINKS UP is an interregional project to promote and improve Start Up’s growth and competitiveness in southwest Europe. The project focuses on the Start-Up development phase, working on the acceleration process. To achieve the objective LINKS UP works on three main areas:

  • Improving access to finance 
  • Improving close-to-market actions 
  • Improving the Start-up professionalization through sector specialization

The project focuses on tourism, health and ICT sectors.

ACCIÓ role: Partner


Enhancing social enterprises competitiveness through improved business support policies

RaiSE seeks to contribute towards the competitiveness in social enterprise sector in the EU through improved regional policy development and implementation, enabling specialised business assistance and support. RaiSE particular focus is on promoting growth and access to markets, thereby targeting relatively consolidated social enterprises.

ACCIÓ role: Coordinator


Smart Chemistry Specialisation Strategy

S3Chem seeks to develop and improve the implementation of RIS (Regional Innovation Strategies) in the field of Chemistry. The project bases on an interregional exchange of experiences and mutual learning among public authorities from seven European chemical regions.

ACCIÓ role: Partner


Enhancing policies through interregional cooperation: New industrial value chains for growth

S34Growth is a project based on Vanguard Initiative, which aims de revitalisation of European industries. The project strives to develop and improve pre-existing regional policy instruments in this field. S34Growth engages ten European regions from 8 European countries willing to collaborate and exchange experiences and knowledge.

ACCIÓ role: Partner


Mediterranean Transregional Cooperation for green manufacturing innovation

The overall objective of GREENNOMED is to increase the transnational innovation capability of MED Regions through the extensive testing and transfer of a Clusters-coordinated cooperation methodology that was conceived in the frame of the “Vanguard Initiative–New Growth Through Smart Specialization”.

The thematic focus of GREENNOMED is on green growth and, in particular, on energy efficiency, waste management/recycling and eco-innovation in manufacturing. The Vanguard ESM pilot already targeted these topics as high priorities.

ACCIÓ role: Associated partner

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Participation in 18 European projects

In 2016 ACCIÓ was the second regional public agency in terms of attracting funds from European Comission, making it a key partner for European consortiums