Talent and education

Serious about education

PRBB (Foto: Stephan Zähring)

Education is one of the government’s strategic priorities and considered to be essential to the region's economic and social development. So it is not surprising that there are 12 universities, 17 international schools here and Barcelona is home to some of the world’s most prestigious business schools according to leading economic publications.

For a small region with a population of around seven million, it’s stimulating to know that there is an extraordinary amount of universities and educational centres offering over 1,050 different degrees and masters. The Times Higher Education has ranked the Catalan university system the 3rd best in Europe. A sign of the educational excellence found here is the number of international students who come to Catalonia to pursue their studies in a wide variety of disciplines.

The Catalan government promotes a high level of university research related activity as well as exchange programmes for researchers on a European and global level. Proof of the good research results is the fact that Catalonia represents 3% of the European Research Area and concentrates 67% of the financial aid given by the ERC (European Research Council) to Spain in 2015. Catalonia is renowned for its clinical research in human health with six hospitals among the most efficient in Spain in terms of scientific production.

Team builders and problem solvers

Innovation and seriousness are backed up by the ability to find the right people for the job and the best resources to put things into practice. Companies can rely on a pool of talented and committed professionals to make scalable project building easy and numerous technological infrastructures to provide invaluable support. Examples of these are the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre or the Alba Sychnotron Light Facility, which participate in different projects for companies and research centres alike.

Talent in research

Barcelona, is a magnet for young professionals and researchers from all over Europe.

QS Best Cities, 2017

Barcelona is the 8th European city and 23rd in the world in terms of Best Students Cities

QS World University Ranquings, 2017

Barcelona has 3 universities among the world's top 50 universities under 50 years' old