Barcelona and Catalonia: creating the connected-car future

Barcelona and Catalonia: creating the connected-car future

Come to Barcelona and Catalonia and discover one of the most innovative automotive R&D and engineering hubs for connected and electric vehicles in Europe. Catalonia Trade & Investment will connect you to local and international firms, innovation centers, tech labs and service companies that will drive your business to the future of connected mobility. 

Share your automotive project with us so we can set up a tailor-made agenda for your specific needs. At any time of the year, our agency is your partner when exploring the connected vehicle industry in Catalonia.

With a 30-year track record and over 6,000 projects managed for foreign investors, we will help you get started or expand in Catalonia maximizing the return on your investment. You can also download The Connected Vehicle in Catalonia report to get a quick overview of our automotive sector’s main assets.

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Discover a High-Tech Automotive Ecosystem in Catalonia

Catalonia stands out as one of Europe’s leading car manufacturing regions, with up to 25% of the automotive market in the Mediterranean area. It is home to three production plants and a SEAT R&D center, part of the world-leading Volkswagen Group, as well as a manufacturing and R&D center run by the Japanese multinational Nissan.

Furthermore, Catalonia has a strong network of engineering companies and labs in the connected vehicle sector, as well as some 600 TIER suppliers and technology providers that boost the industry’s competitiveness.

Nowadays, OEMs and Tier Ones are locating their digital hubs and innovation labs in Barcelona, a city that is a global leader in the digitalization field. This is the case of SEAT’s digital hub Seat:CODE, a unique software development center created to boost pioneering mobility solutions.

Creating the Future of Connected Cars

Applus+ IDIADA: the latest proving grounds for automated vehicles

More than 2,700 engineers specialized in vehicle development are the driving force of Applus+ IDIADA, a leading engineering company with subsidiaries worldwide. A comprehensive set of laboratories and their own proving ground located near Barcelona allow the simulation of any type of test related to connected and automated vehicles. At Applus+ IDIADA’s new 10-acre test track zone, clients can try out new systems in urban areas, high-speed intersections and highway simulations.

Creating the Future of Connected Cars

Scoot: electric vehicles produced locally in Catalonia

San Francisco-based Scoot saw Barcelona as ideal to open their first headquarters outside the US and begin expanding in Europe. The start-up relies on local talent and products and has partnered with Catalan manufacturer Silence to produce electric mopeds. Alongside electric bikes, Scoot manages in Barcelona a fleet of 1,500 vehicles to offer a mobility solution that goes in line with Catalonia’s efforts to be at the forefront on sustainable mobility.

Creating the Future of Connected Cars

Seat:CODE: Volkswagen’s digital lab for smart urban mobility

Vehicle manufacturer Seat, based in Barcelona and part of the Volkswagen Group, founded the Seat:CODE lab to join the network of Volkswagen Group Software Development Centers around the world. This is a unique center of digital excellence that relies on the combination of mobile technologies and big data to develop smart software mobility solutions, such as Bybus - a service that aims to optimize bus lines that are currently in operation by offering flexible routes that adapt to real-time demand.

Get the Best Out of our Cutting-edge Labs for Autonomous Car Testing

Besides being Europe’s 4th most innovative city, Catalonia and Barcelona offer state-of-the-art labs and testing for connected and electric vehicles. Catalonia Living Lab is a one-of-a-kind infrastructure in Europe that provides routes on public roads and controlled environments for testing and validating autonomous driving cars.

What’s more, the Catalan company Applus+ IDIADA, a global leader in auto testing and design, also offers its new test track for connected and automated vehicles at its 818-acre technology center.

Barcelona and Catalonia enjoy a very strategic location in Southern Europe, with fast and easy access to markets in the rest of Europe, the Mediterranean region and the North of Africa. Leading infrastructures like the Port and the Airport of Barcelona ensure excellent connectivity with plenty of international cargo routes for your automotive needs.

Barcelona, a Magnet for Top Global Talent

Barcelona’s cosmopolitan atmosphere is a magnet for entrepreneurs from all over the world, being the 3rd preferred city to set up a start-up in Europe. Top universities, prestigious MBA programs, a powerful network of technology centers and coding academies generate highly skilled local and international professionals that meet the needs of the automotive industry.

Undoubtedly, talent is one of the reasons why US automotive companies like Mitek, American Axle & Manufacturing and Scoot have set up operations in Catalonia. In other economic sectors, leading US companies have built tech and innovation hubs in Barcelona, such as HP, Microsoft, Google, Airbnb, Amazon or Cisco

Play a Part in Catalonia’s Connected Vehicle Industry

Tomorrow’s mobility is being imagined, designed and produced in Barcelona, and Catalonia Trade & Investment will connect you to the key players making change happen. Contact us and accelerate your business in an optimum environment for success.

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